For entrepreneurs looking to invest in an exciting franchise opportunity, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners franchise is an excellent choice. Thanks to our proven business model, we’re able to bring our broad range of advanced treatments to patients wherever they’re needed in a consistent, scalable way. Let’s cover the cost and fees associated with owning and operating your own franchise with Collaborative Anesthesia Partners, America’s Chiropractor.

We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping patients better their health and wellbeing, and who strive to improve as a professional with the help of expert coaching and the latest advancements in technology. No chiropractor or other medical professional experience is required — if you share our values and are willing to be coached, we can work together to provide the strategy and resources you need to thrive in this in-demand industry.

The cost of investment varies depending on whether you plan to start up a completely new clinic or you’re converting an existing clinic.

Franchise Fee

Estimated Initial Investment
$69,400 – $152,900*

Initial Franchise Fee

The initial Franchise Fee to franchise with Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is $60,000*. This fee grants you access to the Collaborative Anesthesia Partners brand name and established reputation, allowing you to leverage the proven business model and strategies. Additionally, the initial fee includes our comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring you receive the necessary guidance and resources to start your journey with Collaborative Anesthesia Partners. This includes assistance with site selection and lease negotiation, operational training, marketing support, and access to proprietary software and systems. By paying the initial Franchise Fee, you join a recognized and respected healthcare brand, equipped with the tools and support needed to thrive in the competitive market.

Startup Costs

When considering a Collaborative Anesthesia Partners franchise, it’s important to take into account the startup costs involved in opening and running a clinic. The estimated startup costs for a Collaborative Anesthesia Partners franchise fall between $83,975 and $376,395*. These costs encompass everything needed to establish and launch a clinic with Collaborative Anesthesia Partners except the initial few months of operational costs. By understanding the startup cost range, potential franchisees can plan and budget accordingly, ensuring they have the necessary resources to establish a thriving Collaborative Anesthesia Partners clinic.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Franchise Costs & Prices

Operational Costs

Prospective franchisees considering a partnership with Collaborative Anesthesia Partners should also consider the operational costs required to sustain their clinic in the initial months. These estimated operational costs, ranging from $31,187 to $115,963*, encompass the working capital needed to cover ongoing expenses during the early stages of the business. This includes items such as employee salaries, rent, utilities, marketing and advertising, inventory replenishment, insurance, and other day-to-day operational expenses. Allocating sufficient working capital ensures that franchisees have the financial resources to manage their clinic effectively, maintain smooth operations, and provide excellent patient care as they establish their presence in the local healthcare market. Understanding and budgeting for these operational costs is crucial for franchisees to lay a solid foundation for their Collaborative Anesthesia Partners clinic’s long-term growth.

Cost to Convert

The cost to convert an existing clinic to a Collaborative Anesthesia Partners clinic is substantially less than the cost to invest in a new clinic, ranging from $115,162 to $347,158*. This investment covers various expenses associated with transforming the clinic into a Collaborative Anesthesia Partners-branded facility. The costs include remodeling and renovations to align the clinic’s appearance with the Collaborative Anesthesia Partners brand standards, ensuring a consistent and professional environment for patients. It also covers the purchase and installation of necessary equipment and technology to meet the operational requirements of a Collaborative Anesthesia Partners clinic. Additionally, the cost encompasses the implementation of Collaborative Anesthesia Partners’s proprietary software and systems, which streamline administrative tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

Total Investment

New Startup Clinic Franchise
$355,662 – $492,358*

Conversion Clinic Franchise
$115,162 – $347,158*

Do You Offer Financing?

While we do not offer direct access to financing, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners works with a variety of industry experts and third parties in financing who may be able to assist. If you meet the minimum financial requirement for operating capital and net worth, let’s discuss your available options and collaborate toward your entrepreneurial goals.


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