THE Collaborative Anesthesia Partners STORY


From its establishment in 2017, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners has evolved from a local statewide anesthesia group to a flourishing franchise network, reshaping the landscape of patient care. Fueled by a dedication to exemplary patient results and an innovative business model, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners has emerged as a respected name in the realm of anesthesia and interventional pain management. Join us as we delve into the brand’s origins, its present standing, and our bold aspirations for the future.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Story


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners’ journey traces back years before its formal establishment in 2017. Daniel Rice, the CEO and Founder, reveals that the brand’s inception was inspired by his transformative experiences in anesthesia practices. Daniel’s entrepreneurial drive and dedication to delivering advanced ultrasound-guided care to patients laid the groundwork for the vision of Collaborative Anesthesia Partners.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is primarily focused on collaborating with anesthesia providers. However, recognizing the potential for expansion and impact, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners pivoted its strategy to attract owners with an entrepreneurial or business-investment mindset. This strategic shift stemmed from the belief that the healthcare industry, encompassing anesthesia and interventional pain care, harbored vast untapped opportunities for growth and innovation.


The scalability of Collaborative Anesthesia Partners stands out as a defining feature within the industry. Rooted in a unique blend of anesthesia expertise and business acumen, our brand’s foundation lies firmly within the entrepreneurial sphere. By synergizing clinical proficiency with robust business systems, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners has crafted a remarkably scalable and adaptable model.

With advanced systems encompassing operations, marketing, ongoing support, and training, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners simplifies the ownership and operation of multiple clinics for our franchisees. Our commitment to continuous improvement is ingrained in our ethos, evident in our relentless pursuit of refining both business and clinical systems. Drawing insights from proven practices across diverse industries, we continually explore innovative strategies and techniques tailored to the healthcare domain. These iterative refinements ensure that our business model evolves positively with each passing year, ultimately benefiting both franchisees and patients alike.

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Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our approach to evolving the business and clinical systems. Drawing inspiration from proven practices in other industries, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners constantly seeks out innovative strategies and techniques that can be tailored to the healthcare sector. These continuous refinements and enhancements ensure that our business model becomes better with each passing year, benefiting both franchisees and patients.


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners’ advancement is propelled by our cutting-edge clinical systems and the diversification of revenue streams, offering unique avenues for patient treatment grounded in annual research and state-of-the-art technology, all geared toward superior clinical outcomes. These innovative approaches not only ensure exceptional patient care but also enhance revenue potential for franchise owners.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Story

Technology-Enabled Care

Recognizing the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners prioritizes the integration of technology into patient care. From pioneering advanced ultrasound-guided techniques like cryoablation to implementing multimodal pain relief approaches, we harness technology to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Our clinical systems extend beyond traditional anesthesia and interventional pain management, integrating various specialties such as rehabilitation, nutrition, preoperative testing, and more. This comprehensive approach to patient care sets Collaborative Anesthesia Partners apart from competitors, guaranteeing outstanding results.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners offers franchisees multiple practice settings and services, presenting diverse opportunities for revenue growth. From delivering hospital-based anesthesia services and interventional pain management to providing office-based care and pursuing government contracts, our multifaceted approach enables franchisees to tap into various market segments and expand their business potential.


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is poised for an exciting future filled with boundless opportunities. Fueled by our unwavering dedication to innovation, clinical excellence, and the prosperity of our franchisees, we are determined to extend our reach within the healthcare industry. Through the strategic utilization of emerging technologies, ongoing research and development initiatives, and agile adaptation to shifting market dynamics, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners remains steadfast in our pursuit of sustained growth and an expanded presence in the global healthcare landscape.

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The narrative of Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is one fueled by passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to patient well-being. From our humble beginnings as a privately owned anesthesia group to our current status as a burgeoning franchise network, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners has continually evolved and elevated its standards. With our scalable business model, advanced clinical systems, and diverse revenue streams, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is positioned to leave a lasting imprint on the healthcare landscape.

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