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Collaborative Anesthesia Partners stands out as a prominent player in the anesthesia sector, presenting a distinctive franchise opportunity tailored for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance community health while managing their enterprise. Boasting an array of technologically advanced services, coupled with a supportive franchise culture and a proven scalable business framework, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners emerges as the preferred choice for healthcare-focused individuals venturing into entrepreneurship.

The projected $78 billion market size of the pain management industry this year underscores the substantial growth potential within the healthcare sector. Notably, anesthesia commands an annual market revenue exceeding $26 billion, with sustained growth forecasts for both industries. This presents an opportune moment to align with the Collaborative Anesthesia Partners franchise.

Unlike many anesthesia groups confined to one specific market such as hospitals, ASCs, or office-based practices, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners offers diverse avenues, including federal contracting. Whether you’re an investor seeking entry into the healthcare realm or an existing anesthesia practitioner eyeing expansion opportunities, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners provides unwavering support. From comprehensive training to essential tools and ongoing assistance, we ensure your business thrives under our guidance.

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Our core values


Consistently doing something right with the least input and maximum output.


Doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, with the right people.


Choosing courage over comfort, what is right over what is easy, and basing actions on values rather than personal gain.


At Collaborative Anesthesia Partners, we prioritize nurturing a robust franchise culture centered around collaboration, assistance, and perpetual advancement. When entrepreneurs become part of our network, they integrate into a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to fostering positive change within their localities. Together, we leverage our collective expertise and insights to address challenges effectively and enhance the quality of our services continually.

Furthermore, we provide extensive training programs designed to empower franchisees with the requisite knowledge and competencies essential for operating a successful Collaborative Anesthesia Partners venture. From initial orientation to ongoing training sessions, we offer continuous support to ensure our franchisees feel proficient and self-assured across all operational facets.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Franchise Costs & Prices
Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Franchise Costs & Prices


At Collaborative Anesthesia Partners, we recognize the significance of broadening revenue sources to optimize profit potential. Our approach goes beyond focusing on singular anesthesia markets; instead, we encompass all service sites, including interventional pain management, enabling franchisees to capitalize on provider utilization and diverse revenue channels.

These revenue avenues encompass management of anesthesia and interventional pain practices in hospital settings, ambulatory surgery centers, office-based practices, and federal contracting for both services. Our commitment to pioneering advancements in technology and techniques solely aims to enhance patient outcomes. This comprehensive approach distinguishes Collaborative Anesthesia Partners from competitors while concurrently bolstering revenue streams for our franchisees.


Investor/Entrepreneur Owned

Join the leading anesthesia/interventional pain franchise model

Own Multiple Franchises

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners offers a scalable business model to support the business growth of our franchise owners and their clinics.

Launch Your Franchise

Enabling chiropractors to be their own boss and deliver top tier care to patients in your community with your own Collaborative Anesthesia Partners chiropractic clinic.

Convert Your Existing Practice

Ready to grow your business with the support of a proven and scalable business model? This is the solution!





$69,400 – $152,900


See what our current customers have to say!

The anesthesia providers were wonderful with my 4 year old. Very friendly and easy to work with. Definitely made things super easy for nervous parents. Great experience!


Dental Office

My anesthesia provider was so nice and kind! I had a great experience. I would use them again and again! Very kind and caring!

Derry, NH

Dental Office

Absolutely amazing team with all the proper information needed for unsettled nerves and help with after care.

Alton, NH

Dental Office

They were truly amazing and treated my daughter amazing like one of their own.

Augusta, Maine

Dental Office

My anesthesiologist was funny and personable and made what could have been a tough time into a pleasant experience. He used just the right amount of medication so I was awake and aware very soon after the surgery. No drug hangover at all. Great experience!

Wolfeboro, NH


My anesthesiologist was great. Very polite and took the time to answer my questions and address any concerns I had. He walked me through the steps of the nerve block as he was doing it. He had me feeling that he would take great care of me while I was under his anesthesia care.

Wolfeboro, NH


A great experience with this team! Too many people are quick to complain about what they don’t like, but there’s never enough people giving credit to people for doing a great job like these gentlemen did.

Wolfeboro, NH


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